Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Lesson In Psychology

¤ When A Person Laughs too Much Even for Stupid Things, Be Sure That Person Is Sad Deep Inside.

¤ When A Person Sleeps A lot, Be Sure that Person Is Lonely.

¤ When A Person Talks Less, And If He Talks, He Talks Fast Then It Means That Person Keeps Secrets.

¤ When Someone Can't Cry Then That Person Is Weak.

¤ When Someone Eats In an Abnormal Way Then That Person Is In Tension.

¤ When Someone Cry On Little Things Then It Means He Is Innocent & Soft Hearted.

¤ When Someone Gets Angry On Silly Or Small Things It Means He Is In Love.

So True, Try To See All These In Real Life, U Will Find All...

Try to understand people..

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